SpeedChaineeze 1.01

Build colored chains in this puzzler


  • Bright, colorful graphics
  • Nice use of sound
  • Create user profiles
  • Lots of power-ups


  • Ridiculous name

Very good

There are countless puzzle games available for the Pocket PC, though I often get the impression that most of these are just clones of Tetris.

The horribly-named SpeedChaineeze takes the colored blocks formula and expands it in an entertaining way, charging you with the task of creating chains from rows and columns of falling shapes.

Touching shapes can be joined either by color or by pattern.

The graphics and backgrounds are bright and colorful and I loved the little cheeky cartoon faces that appear when you make a connection.

The sound too is impressive, with the music varying between each level and the SFX minimal enough not to become annoying.

It's the gameplay that really shines in this one though, and you'll be making chains in your head long after you've stopped playing such is the power of SpeedChaineeze to immerse you into its world.

With user profiles, three difficulty levels and lots of fun power-ups to collect, it's one that will keep your attention for some time.

Don't be fooled by its stupid name, SpeedChaineeze is something of a classic.

Try SpeedChaineez, which is a funny and attractive game for all ages. The game features addictive gameplay with nice sound effects. Your goal is to build chains from figures of different types and colors, constructing the longest chain you can.



SpeedChaineeze 1.01

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